Top Features of a Great Off-Campus Apartment

Top Features of a Great Off-Campus Apartment

Top Features Kutztown University ApartmentsDeciding on an off campus apartment at Kutztown University can be a complicated decision, but there are some key factors that you should look for to make the decision easier.  Below is a list of the features most students look for in an off campus apartment.

Roommate matching:  The best off-campus apartments offer this.  A simple questionnaire about your likes, schedule and personality is used to then they use this to match you with a good roommate.  Good roomates are key to making your off-campus apartment feel like home.

Close to Campus:  Proximity to campus makes your life easier.  The best student only apartments are within walking distance of Kutztown University  campus.  

Free Parking: A quality off campus apartment will not charge you extra for a parking space.  Be sure your off campus apartment guarantees you free parking.

Utilities Included:  Making and living within a monthly budget is easier when your living expenses are predictable.  Make sure your student only apartment includes the utilities in your rent.

Free Laundry: Choose an apartment that has laundry machines included in each unit or free laundy rooms on your floor. This is a huge time-saver for your busy schedule.    

Fully Furnished Apartments:  You can take the hassle of buying furniture off your todo list by choosing an off campus apartment that comes fully furnished.  In addtion to furniture the best off campus apartments at Kutztown University come with a flat screen TVs.

Private Bedrooms:  Living with roommates is a fun part of living in an off campus apartment but sometimes you need your own quiet space.   Apartments that offer private bedrooms are a better choice.   There will be times you need a late night study session, a quiet place to relax or just a bit of alone time. A private bedroom gives you the flexibility you deserve.


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